Product Matrix

Automate and save time managing your product definition, including its feature interdependencies, with an easy to use experience. Free yourself from relying on spreadsheets to update features, options, and other dependencies.

Stay in control of your feature dependencies

See and work with your features and products from one place. If you do need to make a change, it's just a click away.
Whether it is setting an engineering restriction, setting constraints or availability between features or packaging up features for marketing, setting dependencies in Gocious is easy and fast. Re-order execution of dependencies or turn them on and off to see the results and the new product definition in real-time.

Let the system manage complex feature dependencies

Dependencies you set between features will automatically apply throughout the product line and reports, minimizing guesswork and mistakes.

No coding required

Make simple statements about what is and is not available. No programming experience is required.

Grow your product as you need

Start with just the features you need to get the ball rolling. Build on that picture over time as you receive more ideas and dependency information