Save time managing your product line scope and complexity with your team, from anywhere.

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Reducing Complexity and Financial Waste in Product Manufacturing

Gocious Overview

Gocious provides a Product Decision Analytics Platform that allows manufacturers to get to production faster while limiting costly changes. The platform is a secure, cloud-based solution engineered specifically for multi-variant products.

Easily configure your products

Configuring product lines with optional features can get exponentially complex. Model your configurations in no time and see how many ways it can be built. Make changes and see how it affects your buildable combinations.

Analyze all your product configurations

Set targets based on your customer’s needs, your competition and your constraints. Let us analyze all of the combinations and provide you with a weighted score that shows how your product stacks up against all your targets.

Generate product decision analytics

Experience a new way of analyzing a product's definition across an entire product line, offering data visualizations to help planners make informed decisions, never before possible.

Step 11. Conceive your product line
Step 22. Set your targets & score your product line
Step 33. Run scenarios, select the best combination
Step 44. Go, Go, Go!